RAD-150, also known as TLB 150 BENZOATE, is a popular selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Here is everything you need to know about RAD-150 TLB 150 BENZOATE.

SARMS RAD-150 TLB 150 BENZOATE functions as a selective androgen receptor modulator(SARM). This means that it has a high affinity for binding to androgen receptors.

Purpose, Creation, and Key Features of EuroSARMs’ RAD-150 TLB 150 Benzoate

RAD 150, a non-steroidal SARM, has been created through esterification, involving the addition of an ester group to RAD-140. Esterification, a chemical process, entails alkalizing an acid (such as carboxylic acid) by introducing alcohol.

Typically employed to stabilize, improve, or alter the bioavailability of substances, esterification plays a crucial role. Bioavailability measures the proportion of a compound or substance that, upon entering the bloodstream, can exert an active or desired effect.

Dosage and administration:

SARMS RAD-150(TLB 150 BENZOATE) displayed an elimination half-life of 48 hours.

The recommended dose is between 12,5mg and 25mg.


1. Increases the amount of Lean Muscle mass in the user’s body.
2. Enhanced strength and improved stamina.
3. Promotes fat loss because it boosts metabolism and increases muscle mass.

Possible side effects:

Mild reduction of HDL and Triglycerides.
Partial suppression of the HPT axis.



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This product comes with 60 capsules of 12,5mg.


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